Enviropatch ⁄ Enviropave™ liquid is an inverted emulsion product

used in pothole patching and paving applications. Our formulation was developed in 1994 and is widely used by many utility companies, contractors, counties, municipalities, and State DOT’s because of it’s unique characteristics.

Because it is not a cutback, Enviropatch ⁄ Enviropave™ liquid has superior safety, performance and cost advantages.

Enviropatch ⁄ Enviropave™ liquid has a significantly higher flashpoint than cutbacks and is an alternative when cutbacks are not approved. It also has no brown run-off when mixed under wet conditions (helping to alleviate environmental or stormwater issues).

Enviropatch ⁄ Enviropave™ mix won’t strip when placed in wet potholes and has superior bonding and curing properties as compared to regular emulsions.

Enviropatch ⁄ Enviropave™ meets Kentucky and Tennessee DOT specifications for High Performance cold mix, yet performs equally well as compared to more expensive products. Enviropatch ⁄ Enviropave™ liquid is very cost competitive with standard emulsions due to the lower amount needed to coat an aggregate.

Enviropatch ⁄ Enviropave™ liquid can be used through hot mix plants or mixed by our pugmill on site, but is always available as a finished mix for pick up at our Chattanooga plant location.

For current pricing, availability or to make an appointment to mix on location or pick up, please call 423.892.3677 or contact your Sales Representative today!